SPEAKING / guest lectures


Host/Producer, The Story Collider at Fermilab, Batavia, IL (05/12/2018)

Host/Producer, The Story Collider: Surprising Encounters, Atlanta, GA (03/12/2018)

Organizer/Panel Moderator, ComSciConATL:  "Outside of the Box: SciComm in Creative Outlets", "The Importance of Interdisciplinary Collaboration & Intersectional Thinking"

Guest Speaker, CDC: "SciComm Forum: Translating Science into Stories" (02/20/2018)


Host/Producer, The Story Collider: Identity, Atlanta, GA (10/03/2017)

Guest Speaker, Agnes Scott College: Movement Love

RAdio / podcasts / video/tv / performances


Williams Street Swap Shop - Wandering Wednesday (Adult Swim Streams) (05/16/2018)

Host, "Surrounded by Science" (6 episodes), AIB-TV


Tarot Reader, Williams Street Swap Shop (Adult Swim Streams), Tarot Day (11/09/2017)

Molecular Biologist, PhDrinking: The Replication Crisis

Williams Street Swap Shop - Wandering Wednesday (Adult Swim Streams) (08/15/2017)

Dancer, PILEUP at Midtown Players Club

Guest, WXIA (11Alive) for the Atlanta Science Festival (03/25/2017)

Guest, Bold Adulting S1E9


Guest Artist/Scientist: Movement Love

Biologist, Stupid Morning Bullshit (Adult Swim Streams), Biology Day (12/08/2016)

Guest, Bucky Dome Zone + Movement Love

Blue Streak Science 034: The cephalopods that took over the Earth!

Blue Streak Science 032: The Great Barrier Reef in Peril, and more

Blue Streak Science 031: Destroy alien carp! Spontaneous French accents, and new Earths discovered

Blue Streak Science 030: Prions in plants, Cassini’s fiery plunge, and super-gonorrhea!

Blue Streak Science 027: Peer Review with Dr. Peter Chahales


Blue Streak Science 026: Philandering voles, headbanging bees, COP21 and ever so much more!

Blue Streak Science 024 How to have fun and keep up with the latest science - listen to this podcast!

Blue Streak Science 023: 7 Science news stories you MUST Know about

Blue Streak Science 022: Yay! E-skin feels the heat, jellyfish suck, molten metal storms, and cancer’s secret tunnels (boo!)

Blue Streak Science 021: Ebola reemerges, Ethanol on a comet, magnets can reduce religiosity, buzzing bees and government ministers

Blue Streak Science 020: Blue Streak Blab-up, first in utero stem cell trial, supercoiled DNA, Zika Disease, Elephants and cancer, and more!

Blue Streak Science 018: Amyloid-forming proteins, ‘snakeskin’ on Pluto, Supermoon, viruses to fight bacteria, and incredible shrinking bee tongues

Blue Streak Science 017: Conversation with William Shafer, Ph.D. of Emory University - antibiotic resistance

Blue Streak Science 014: Interview with Dr. Sarah Moffitt of the Bodega Marine Lab

Blue Streak Science 013: Never Mind the Bollocks

Blue Streak Science 012: Frogs and Surfers

Blue Streak Science 011: Be Silence No More!

Blue Streak Science 010: Climate Science with Greg Laden

Blue Streak Science 009: The Blue Streak Bucket List

Blue Streak Science 008: Citizen Science

Blue Streak Science 007: Implausible Denial

Blue Streak Science 006: Free Education

Blue Streak Science 005: Are children born scientists?

Blue Streak Science 004: The Distractingly Sexy Podcast

Blue Streak Science 003: Because Science

Blue Streak Science 002: The Poetry of Science

Blue Streak Science 001: A new beginning

Guest, Bold Signals S0E3


Host, Hump Day Happy Hour, WMRE